[Elfsea] Scandinavian Festival THIS SATURDAY!!

Jann Mays hlgabrielle at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 12:17:29 PDT 2001

>      Come one, come all to the Scandinavian Fest in Plano
>                        THIS SATURDAY !!
>This is the 13th anniversary festival for “The Wooden Spoon” in Plano on
>Avenue K near 18th street. Not only is it a Scandinavian gift shop, but
>they are the central location for many Scandinavian organizations around
>the metroplex – i.e., Sons of Norway, Vasa (a Swedish organization), etc. –
>and  they even have language classes (Norse, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and
>German) and meeting rooms!!  This is an EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY for us to
>promote the SCA in our area!!  (and I can’t wait to browse around the shop
>[grin] especially since they have Swedish woven linen there!).
>The owner says that she would like “costume-clad” members of the SCA to
>walk around and look pretty at her Festival.  She is familiar with the SCA
>and wants to help us promote our “club.”  So, please come out and help us
>promote the SCA in our area!  We will have tables set up under a pavillion
>for A&S displays, promotions and crafts demonstrations (weavers?
>leathercrafers?).  We are in need of more armored fighters, as well as
>marshalls to explain the fighting.  Bring banners, flags, shields, anything
>colorful!!  We really want to be colorful and flamboyant here!  She is
>setting us up in the most visible spot out front!
>If you are a Scandinavian persona and/or have Viking garb already, by all
>means, please wear it!  The owner never specified that she wanted just
>Vikings or Scandinavian persona, so just come in garb, walk around and have
>fun.  If you are a fighter, this could be a pre-Sunday fighter practice.
>He who will fight a Saxon Fraybrother, pray, answer the call!  If you are
>an artisan, please come display your wares and/or demonstrate your craft.
>MERCHANTS ARE WELCOME TO SELL THEIR WARES!!  I just spoke with the owner
>and she says that she doesn’t mind us merchanting at the festival.
>Please contact me and let me know if you are interested in coming so I will
>have an idea as to how many of us will be in attendance.  The Festival runs
>from 10 am until 6 pm, this Saturday, September 8th.  Even if you can just
>come and stay for a couple of hours, please let me know.  If you plan to
>attend, please let me know what part of the day (morning/early
>afternoon/late afternoon) you intend to arrive and how long you can stay.
>Also, please let me know ASAP as the event is upon us!!  Email or call me
>at 972-466-2276.
>The directions are easy:  Take I-75 north to Plano, exit at Park.
>Immediately get into your right lane on the service road.  Turn right at
>the Lazy Boy sign (18th street), go up to Avenue K and take a right.  The
>“Wooden Spoon” is the 2nd house on the right with flags out front.
>Festival parking is across the street in the Municipal Center parking lot.
>Here is the map:
>and here is their website:
>Thanks for promoting the SCA and let’s have a lot of fun with this!
>HL Gabrielle Honorée de Saint Pierre
>Hospitaler (and interim demo coordinator) for the Barony of the Steppes

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