[Elfsea] Compleate Medievalist Tournament

barb draeco55 at home.com
Thu Sep 6 13:50:07 PDT 2001

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Greetings from Viscountess Katherine O'Malley,

I am one of the Compleate Medievalist Tournament autocrats along with Lord Caelin on Andrede.

To date, there has been no contact information so I thought I would at least publish my telephone number, 972-907-2606. Please do not call after 9pm as we have little ones.

I will be more than happy to explain anything you might question. Caelin and I will be meeting this week to make the final preparations.

This event is one that good gentle can win; fighter, artisan, service oriented, newbie, old-timer (like myself), child or youth. The tourmanent is not difficult or strenuous. Remember, it's for fun.

Your humble servant,
Viscountess Katherine
Arts & Science Champion of the Wastelands
Director and Creator of the Academy of the Young Wolves


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