[Elfsea] Scandinavian Festival THIS SATURDAY!!

Jann Mays hlgabrielle at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 10:50:45 PDT 2001

      Come one, come all to the Scandinavian Fest in Plano
                        THIS SATURDAY !!

This is the 13th anniversary festival for “The Wooden Spoon” in Plano on
Avenue K near 18th street. Not only is it a Scandinavian gift shop, but they
are the central location for many Scandinavian organizations around the
metroplex – i.e., Sons of Norway, Vasa (a Swedish organization), etc. – and
they even have language classes (Norse, Swedish, Finnish, Danish and German)
and meeting rooms!!  This is an EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY for us to promote the
SCA in our area!!  (and I can’t wait to browse around the shop [grin]
especially since they have Swedish woven linen there!).

The owner says that she would like “costume-clad” members of the SCA to walk
around and look pretty at her Festival.  She is familiar with the SCA and
wants to help us promote our “club.”  So, please come out and help us
promote the SCA in our area!  We will have tables set up under a pavillion
for A&S displays, promotions and crafts demonstrations (weavers?
leathercrafers?).  We are in need of more armored fighters, as well as
marshalls to explain the fighting.  Bring banners, flags, shields, anything
colorful!!  We really want to be colorful and flamboyant here!  She is
setting us up in the most visible spot out front!

If you are a Scandinavian persona and/or have Viking garb already, by all
means, please wear it!  The owner never specified that she wanted just
Vikings or Scandinavian persona, so just come in garb, walk around and have
fun.  If you are a fighter, this could be a pre-Sunday fighter practice.  He
who will fight a Saxon Fraybrother, pray, answer the call!  If you are an
artisan, please come display your wares and/or demonstrate your craft.
MERCHANTS ARE WELCOME TO SELL THEIR WARES!!  I just spoke with the owner and
she says that she doesn’t mind us merchanting at the festival.

Please contact me and let me know if you are interested in coming so I will
have an idea as to how many of us will be in attendance.  The Festival runs
from 10 am until 6 pm, this Saturday, September 8th.  Even if you can just
come and stay for a couple of hours, please let me know.  If you plan to
attend, please let me know what part of the day (morning/early
afternoon/late afternoon) you intend to arrive and how long you can stay.
Also, please let me know ASAP as the event is upon us!!  Email or call me at

The directions are easy:  Take I-75 north to Plano, exit at Park.
Immediately get into your right lane on the service road.  Turn right at the
Lazy Boy sign (18th street), go up to Avenue K and take a right.  The
“Wooden Spoon” is the 2nd house on the right with flags out front.  Festival
parking is across the street in the Municipal Center parking lot.  Here is
the map:
and here is their website:

Thanks for promoting the SCA and let’s have a lot of fun with this!

HL Gabrielle Honorée de Saint Pierre
Hospitaler (and interim demo coordinator) for the Barony of the Steppes

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