[Elfsea] Dana update #1

Chris Harper bice.pietro at home.com
Thu Sep 6 16:44:35 PDT 2001

Greeting again,

Dana is now in ICU.  She woke up hungry, thirsty and hot and is still all
Now she is not happy.  She will be in ICU until tomorrow morning around 10am.
We don't know what room she will be in but the info desk at Fort Worth
Osteopathic Medical Center should be able to tell you.

Now for the fun stuff !  A poor uninformed nurse in ICU came in the first
time to
see Dana.  She patted her arm and said," How are you doing Princess?"  You
can see it coming can't you.  Dana popped her eyes open and said, "Oh no, I
am a Baroness." The nurse smiled at Angelia and said ,"Sure you are", to which
Dana replied "And I know Kings and Queens".  The nurse looked at Angelia again
when she was told, " No, she is not kidding, she is and she does".  I can just
see the Ruadh Noises now.

Anyway, since she can have neither food nor drink this evening, Dana has told
everyone ( including me ) to stay home because she is going to sleep until she
smells the coffee in the morning.  She said she would just complain if she
awake and had anyone to listen.  So there will be no more updates tonight
I hear from Angelia; but I promise to keep the updates coming in a timely
especially when they contain such good stuff as this one.

Just wait until she tells them about being the Grand Hoo Haa !  I'll take

Until tomorrow,

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