[Elfsea] Dana Progress #2

Chris Harper bice.pietro at home.com
Fri Sep 7 18:22:17 PDT 2001

A short update tonight.  She wasn't a lot of fun today.  She is sleeping
either from the surgery or else from the pain medication ( which she only
had twice today ).  She has been up and dangled feet once and walked
to the bathroom twice so far.  It hurts a bunch to move and she still is
on liquids and starving.  We hope tomorrow will bring food if nothing else.
She is being moved to a private room tonight #485 so that will be better
since she likes living in a fridge.  If you go to visit, either plan on a short
one or take a sweater. <G>  I am passing along all your good wishes
and saving them in a file for her to read later, herself.


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