[Elfsea] Heralds, Scribes and Illuminators

Kate Rayburn anezka at elfsea.net
Sun Sep 9 20:16:35 PDT 2001

Tomorrow (Monday) night is the monthly meeting for Heralds, Scribes, and
Illuminators. It is at 7:30 at Timothy and my house.  If you need
directions, then please either call (817-419-2813) or email
(anezka at elfsea.net) prior to 3 PM.

The heralds will be commenting upon the most recent Internal Letter of
Intent and the scribes will be painting charters and preparing for
Defender.  This is a great time of heraldic and scribal education.  If
you would like help creating either a name or device, or would like to
make commentary on other names and devices submitted by folks around
this kingdom, please come.  We have a lot of fun.

In Service,
Dama Anezka z Rozmitala

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