[Elfsea] Reminder: war practice 9/15!

neil starkey raimonddemora at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 10 13:54:30 PDT 2001

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Thank you DUX for posting this.  I had forgotten.  Based on this information,
I will cancel this weeks Sunday practice in favor of the War Practice.  I will
also try to let everyone know about the change.  Rapier fighters might also
take note as this will be a good time to also meet for thier melee practice.
The Chivalric community and the Rapier community might even get to sit down at
some point and talk strategies of what works and what doesn't.

To Repeat.  Elfsea Fighter Practice for Sunday the 15th wil be moved to Loch


Knihgt Marshal

P.S.  If you know of people who do not share this list please help spread the
word, thank you.

A Jester's chief employment, is to kill himself for your enjoyment, and a
Jester unemployed.....is nobodies Fool.  (Danny Kaye "The Court Jester")
>Just a reminder - Loch Ruadh will be hosting the September war practice
>on the 15th. This is an Iron Star Brigade practice, as well as war
>practice for the Central Region.
>Loch Ruadh will be posting directions later in the week, so watch for
>them. Please come ready to fight, have fun, drill, and have fun - did I
>mention have fun? It's fun to win, and every bit of practice we get
>makes ever more certain that Gulf War will be *very* fun!

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