[Elfsea] Dana Update # 3

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Mon Sep 10 08:19:24 PDT 2001

This is great news.  Now if she can just STAY smoke-free, as we need her
around for many more years to come.

I won't get on a soapbox, being a reformed smoker myself.  I'll just say
that when my mother became a respiratory therapist, she quit smoking cold
turkey, and often told smokers they should hope to get lung cancer rather
than emphysema.

Here's to a healthier Mama Mac!!

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I just got home from the hospital with Dana.  I have visited with her this
afternoon when I could keep up with her.  She is doing great and is up
and down every few minutes.  You should see the shock on her face at
how warm her legs are and her toes are pink instead of grey.  She is
having coffee, food ( more than she wants ) and can have goodies but
tells me that most every thing taste so sweet it is sickening.  I guess
that is due to medication.  Also, she is smoke free now ! Can you
believe it?  I think she has done fantastic on that one because I know
how hard it was.  She will probably be home by Monday but might get
to go home tomorrow after the Doctor sees her.  I will post a note if
she does go home tomorrow.

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