[Elfsea] Elfsea Defender...the final countdown begins...

housedragonstar housedragonstar at prodigy.net
Mon Sep 10 11:49:58 PDT 2001

Greetings from Medb Liath to the good gentles of Elfsea.

We are in the final days of preparing for Defender.  I most urgently need
the following gentles to contact me at home as soon as possible to finalize
the details of their respective areas of responsibility:

Lord Ceatta
Lady Adelaide
Lady Aeryn
Lord Raimond
Lord Sebastian
Lord Polydore Pike
Lord Aradon
Lord Karrick
Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood (just have a quick question for you concerning the
Children's Archery Defender).

I will be at home for the rest of the day at 817 220 0333 or available on my
pager at 817 957 1404.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work.

Medb Liath
Co Steward, Elfsea Defender

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