[Elfsea] Fwd: war practice 9/15! & a weapon query

neil starkey raimonddemora at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 10 22:12:33 PDT 2001

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It is good to have friends who can keep me straight.  Thanks again to Dux for
reminding everyone of the War Practice on Saturday the 15th.  Again Thanks to
Bjorn for reminding me that Fighter Practice can and will be scheduled as
usual for Sunday the 16th in Elfsea at 5:00pm.  Please disregard the previous
post.  Sorry fo rany confusion.
Oops, the fool spoke before thinking.
A Jester's chief employment, is to kill himself for your enjoyment,
and a Jester unemployed.....is nobodies Fool.  (Danny Kaye "The Court Jester")

Hey Raimond,
>The 15th is this Saturday, so we could still have
>Elfsea practice on Sunday...
>Also, I have an idea for a very eccentric weapon that
>probably won't pass the rules, but it *might* Details
>will be forthcoming after I check the rules myself for
>any obvious no-no's about it. I'd like your input as
>to if it will pass or not. Thanks... I'll send my
>idea to you as soon as I get a chance to look at the

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