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>Subject: [Elfsea] My take on "The Musketeer"
>Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2001 16:33:58 -0500
>It appears that the screenwriter knew a little bit about the story (but had
>never read the novel).  He knew that someone named D'Artagnan wanted to be
>a Musketeer There is an evil Cardinal Richelieu who wants to rule France
>but is thwarted by the Queen and some Englishman named Buckingham.(snip)

That's more than I knew. I never read the book. I've only seen other movies,
so I had no idea that the Queen had been involved at all.

Dumas' name should only be associated with this movie is the very loosest
since possible because thestory line has nothing to do with the novel.

I've seen "based on" movies where the only connection was the title.

>That said, a couple of comments:  Tim Roth's character could have been
>played better by Adam Richman with a combination of his roles as the
>terrorist from Die Hard 1 and the Sheriff of Nottingham from Men in

I think you mean Alan Rickman, the terrorist from Die Hard and the Sheriff
of Nottingham from Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood".

>And the scene not to be missed is Aramis trying to play a butcher and has
>to slaughter 2 little ducks (what he does is so funny) and Athos as a baker
>who knows nothing about baking (he wanted to be the butcher).  But then,
>croissants don't bleed. (snip)

I agree this was a good scene. I also liked the ones in the sewer. The Queen
was well played

>My advice - wait until you can see it free in the privacy of a friends home
>where you both can get drunk.  It might make sense then.

I don't think you need to be drinking to enjoy this movie. Just
remember that this is a movie to entertain the masses. Besides any movie you
see in someone's home, unless it is full of commercials, was
paid for by someone, either to rent or buy.

Just my 2 francs worth,
Ly Gabriele Rene' de Bernard

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