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Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Tue Sep 11 08:05:50 PDT 2001

How well I relate to that, having lived 40 miles from the nearest populace
meeting when I was in Olney, TX.  In two years, I only managed to make one
moot, one fighter practice, one A&S night, and one "local" event, though
Logan did drag the forge to either a Raven's Fort or Stargate, and a Brwn
Gwylad event, I believe.

There is nothing so heartwarming as the camaraderie of like minds.


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I know I will be more involved if I live near everyone.  Being out in
the boonies has really gotten me down, especially being stuck home alone
with two kids.:P

Cait and the screaming angels

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