[Elfsea] Request from a former soldier

Stacy Dickey medievalbelle at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 11 15:40:31 PDT 2001


   If you don't have one, Wal-Mart sells them in
ranges of a little more than a dollar on up past $20.
Home Depot also has an attractive wall-mount kit for
just over $7. If you cannot afford even the smallest,
let me know and I'll send you one personally.

   Our home has been attacked and the villon is
watching us on the news, I'm sure. Let him see that he
cannot make us stand down, but see our American pride
say to him "IN YOUR FACE, BUDDY!" in images of flowing
red, white, and blue flags mounted from our homes,
businesses, vehicles, etc. This is not a time to bow
our heads in fear but only in prayer. Defy this
murderer with unbreakable dignity, pride, and faith.

Many Heart-Felt Blessings and Hopes for the Future,
Lady Vanora

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