[Elfsea] We are OK

Sharon R. Saroff sindara at pobox.com
Tue Sep 11 20:57:12 PDT 2001

To all our friends in Elfsea,

I am thankful that so far all of you are well after today's events.  With
our computer down until today we have sort of been out of the loop. (What a
day to get back on the net!) Sfi, the kids and I are all fine.  Just shaky.
 We had lockdown at Beth Tfiloh school where I now work.  The Baltimore
police are patroling all Jewish institutions.  The rabbis in the area have
asked for prayer, especially Tehillim (David's Psalms).  I had to leave
early because my kids' preschools closed.  Please keep us posted.  We care
about all of you in Elfsea and felt you should know that.  My thoughts
tonight are with those in the East Kingdom and Atlantia, that I know that
may have been in harms way.  May they all be safe.  May The Master of the
Universe protect us and help us bring these mad men to justice!


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