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Wed Sep 12 12:29:05 PDT 2001

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It is good indeed to know that our SCA family is safe. Let us rejoice in this bit of good news while continuing our prayers for those less fortunate. Thank you Galen and Allesandra for your inspiring words and sentiment.
Lady Tangwystl of FalconRose
  Barony of Elfsea Baron and Baroness <baron at elfsea.ansteorra.org> wrote: Galen here...

Some days, we pause in our day-to-day lives as Ansteorrans, and remember that
we are Americans. Yesterday was one such day.

On the heels of all the horrific news came a small consolation: none of our
family members, and none of our fellow SCA members, seem to have been lost in
the attacks. The Viceroy of the Crown Province of Ostgardr (he's like their
Baron) reports that all SCA members who work at the World Trade Center have
been accounted for.

I'm sure we'll all, in the days and weeks to come, continue to work through our
reactions to these events, and take such actions of our own as seem needful or
appropriate. I'm also sure that we all appreciate that this could have easily
happened in Dallas or Fort Worth, to ourselves or our loved ones, and share my
gratitude to have been spared.

Allessandra and I love you all, and you remain in our prayers.

- Galen

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