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Thank you so very much!!!!  I have had a lot of teary moments the last three
days and while reading your jokes, I began to laugh and then to cry, again,
but this time it was a cleansing cry and I feel much better.  Again, THANK

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>Galen here!
>They tell us that laughter is the best medicine.  The following is today's
>column from Argus Hamilton, at www.argushamilton.com:
>HOLLYWOOD--God bless America, and how's everybody?
>The World Trade Center towers collapsed into rubble Tuesday after they were
>struck by suicide bombers in hijacked commercial jets. The Pentagon was
>hit and the U.S. government was evacuated. It's the first peaceful day Gary
>Condit's had in four months.
>President Bush addressed the nation Tuesday on the hijacker attacks. He
>the U.S. will hold the terrorists and those who harbor them responsible.
>Afterward the Weather Channel reported that the five-day forecast for
>Afghanistan is two days.
>Joint Chiefs Chairman Hugh Shelton said Tuesday the Armed Forces are ready
>retaliate. The thirst for revenge is real. The first instinct is to bomb
>Afghanistan back into the Stone Age, but what does that set them back, 15
>The FAA suspended commercial air travel after the World Trade Center
>Air travel was scheduled to resume Wednesday at noon. However, the Air
>has orders to shoot down any commercial aircraft with a towel wrapped
>its nose.
>Osama Bin Laden was the first suspect in the cowardly terrorist attack upon
>World Trade Center but Afghanistan denied he was involved. Americans aren't
>buying it. This is one case where we know for sure that Timothy McVeigh has
>The White House was evacuated Tuesday morning after the Secret Service got
>telephone threat. Security experts told CNN that the White House has always
>attracted mentally unstable people. Psychologists call them Reform Party
>New York City was under a state of siege Tuesday in the hours following the
>terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in Manhattan. Trading was halted
>all U.S. stock exchanges. There's no telling how many millions may have
>Middle Eastern nations will rake in a fortune as oil prices surge following
>attack on the United States. The good news is, most Americans are seriously
>looking at the use of alternative energy. The bad news is, it's the
>The World Trade Center attack caused oil to shoot up to $34 a barrel.
>Hussein makes $1 billion a day for each dollar over $20. This is the point
>Columbo where Peter Falk walks back into the palace to ask him just one
>Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein hailed the attack on the Pentagon and World
>Center Tuesday as the Operation of the Century. He has forgotten that the
>family's favorite game is Iraqi Bingo. The only number they ever call is
>President Bush was cool and resolute in the hours after the terrorist
>Tuesday. The entire nation rallied behind the president. Whenever
>called for an increase in human intelligence, they were shouted down as
>Congressmen were physically grabbed by armed guards Tuesday and dragged out
>their Capitol Hill offices to a secret location. It was unprecedented. Now
>they know what it feels like, they're going to be a lot nicer to their
>The United States completely closed its border with Mexico on Tuesday after
>terrorists successfully attacked the World Trade Center. It's unbelievable.
>Buchanan just hired Johnnie Cochran in case the FBI ever puts two and two
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