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Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 13 21:57:58 PDT 2001

The Lab Tech.s name is Lenieve McNiel (AKA: Mara Vess) and she likes her steak
bloody rare.

And in fact, if this could all be held in the Celtic camp with a good size
party, even more the better.

Basically it has come down on high to most all the blood banks in the US that
days off and the like are called off until the crisis is over or slows down a
little bit.  And in the state, she in only one of 20 that does her particular
job.  In D/FW, only one of six.  Yah, she normally works long hours and the pay
really sucks, but she also knows her job is critical and that it more than saves
lives.  The only reason that they are letting her go is that she has work a long
time, and the fact that she had to put in vacation time in January to get to go
to this one event.  But by the time that Defender roles around, she would have
worked about three weeks straight and will most likely just want to get stuffed
on red meat and all the Guinness that she can hold, followed by partying her
butt off.  But at Defender she will be one of the Deputies for Water-bearing.
So it will not be all play for her that weekend.  Plus she wouldn't have seen
her family in about two weeks as well.

But, she's an ex-Marine.  What else can she do?

To all that is donating blood, she and the world thank you.  But please do
remember, they need blood throughout the year as well.  Blood has a certain
shelf-life.  From the time that you donate to the time where it can not be used
in the human body is 48 to 52 days.  So you may donate today and the whole
system be bone dry in three months.

Just a little note from a husban,
                   Gustave alf Blitzgarten

Jane Sitton wrote:

> Sure, why not.  I can probably supply about 20 steaks.  If the number of
> people donating blood runs over, I'll take up a collection and run into town
> for more.  How does she like her steak?  And what is her name?  I didn't
> catch it the first time around.
> Madelina

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