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Please forward my thanks to Uriah.  This poem has helped me put into
perspective that in order to best help America today, the best place for me
to be is here - in a school, teaching our children.

They are the future of America, and they must have many tools in order to
survive the coming century.  These tools not only include the ability to
read and write, but a knowledge of the history of our Nation and a sense of
personal ethics that teachers portray on a daily basis.

BTW, it was on this day in 1814, that Francis Scott Key witnessed the great
battle that inspired him to write "The Star-Spangled Banner".


Thank you,


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From: Patrick J. Cuccurello [mailto:pat at adtelusa.com]

Many of you had the pleasure of meeting Uriah while he was here in
Ansteorra.  Recently, he and his new bride have moved to London, England.
I'm sure those who have met him have fond memories of both his quirky wit,
and unique <<grin>> way of telling a story from an ethnic point of view.
Many of you may not be aware that he is still an Israeli national, but is
planning on staying in the United States once he moves back from England.
He has very strong opinions about his new land.  To wit, he penned this on
Tuesday.  I asked if I could have permission to post it to this list for his
friends to see.

Both he and Taya send their love, and look forward to seeing all of you
again in the future.


Going About Our Business
  by Ori Pomerantz,
  known in the SCA as Uriah of Hebron
You took out a building, you hijacked a plane.
And we went on about our business.
You blew away lives for your low, evil gain.
And we just went about our business.

We're madder than hell, we're ready to kill,
Instead, we just go about our business.
We yell and we swear that rough justice we'll deal.
And then we go on to our business.

This country is "evil", too rich and too strong.
And we just go about our business.
Our lives here are good, that's why we are "wrong" -
Bad people, who go about their business.

Our power is more than just surgical strikes,
Our riches for more than just show.
There are those of us busy to catch such as you,
As when you'll be found you shall know.

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