[Elfsea] A&S Night Inkle loom weaving

S.McFarlane tanwyn at flash.net
Fri Sep 14 09:21:11 PDT 2001

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It's that time again....

This coming Monday(17th) is A&S Night, we will be having a workshop on
Inkle Loom weaving.
HL Ceinwen has graciously offered to come down from Glaslyn to teach
this workshop. If you are interested, please try to bring an Inkle loom,
Shuttle and thread to warp the loom. (crochet thread works great). If
you don't have one, ask on the list there might be someone who would be
willing to lend you a loom to learn on until you can get your own. ( I
currently I am using one I have borrowed from my Laurel )
If you can not find one, don't worry, come anyway!!! We will have some
looms here to demonstrate on, and let you try your hand at weaving....so
you can get the feel of it.
We look forward to a nice turn out.

Oh yes.... This will be at my house  monday night 7ish. (714 Greenleaf
Dr , Arlington, 76017)
And for those not wanting to weave....I have a large banner on my
kitchen table that still needs to be finished painting for defender !!
HINT HINT!!!!  ;o)

Next month, (Oct.) I was going to teach bone horn & Antler carving for
insignia... but have now decided to put this off until after the first
of the year, that is a real hands on class, and you really need dremils
& files for that...so I will give the people that are interested in that
field, a little more time to prepare. (call me for details on this class
if you are interested!!!)
NOW....   for OCT. MS Stella will be teaching a class on period dyes and
techniques...Yeah!!!! This is a really interesting class, MS stella has
done allot of work in this area and has a very nice presentation of
different color wool's that have all been dyed using natural materials
that would have been used in period times.
She will provided the yarn that we will be dying in the workshop, along
with a booklet, and a packet of  mordants, for a small fee of $5.00.
This will be a fun  Hands on class!  PLEASE  CALL to reserve your
place.... we need to know how many to plan for.  This will be at my
house regular time.

For the month of Nov. A&S Night falls on the Monday before
Thanksgiving... so, for those wishing to attend,  I will host, hopefully
along with a few guest teachers, a class on Kumihimo, (Japanese Braiding
techniques)This is FUN! I will have a few looms available for use.

The A&S night for Dec will be canceled for the holidays. We will again
resume the workshops in Jan.

I look forward to seeing everyone at these different workshops. Please
call or email if you need directions, have any questions, or
817-465-5148 home or 817-845-5483 cell
tanwyn at flash.net

Yours, in Service,
HL Tanwyn Aniera


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