[Elfsea] RE: [Steppes] FWD: Threats to SCAdians with Middle Eastern personas.

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Fri Sep 14 22:26:53 PDT 2001

Just to be on the safe side, I am going to edit my Steppes Doomsday entry to
remove my phone number and address. If anyone wishes to get a hold of me I
will be able to be reached through email, or you can get contact information
from any of the members of my Household (House Bloodstone)
Lady Layla al-Tabrizi

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> Subject: [Steppes] FWD: Threats to SCAdians with Middle Eastern
> personas.
> >Date: Thursday, September 13, 2001 10:07 PM
> >Subject: [trimaris] Threats to SCAdians with Middle Eastern personas.
> >>Greetings,
> >>
> >>I do not want to worry anyone but, members in my Barony with Middle
> Eastern
> >>personas have received threatening phone calls.  The
> perpetrators got the
> >>home phone numbers off of our Barony's website, which has since
> been shut
> >>down.  I would humbly suggest that any websites out there that have such
> >>information on them, remove it to protect our cousins from
> harassment.  It
> >>may also be wise to alter or delete personal profiles that may
> attract the
> >>same attention.  Photos may also present a problem, but I leave that to
> >you.
> >>
> >>Please pass this information on to any webmasters you may know.
> >>
> >>Many thanks,
> >>Randwulf
> (On a personal note, three mosques in our area have been attacked in the
> last 24 hours.  While not all Muslims nor Arabs are to blame, they are
> certainly going to be targets for the misguided.)
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