[Elfsea] I would like to enter the archery lists

jonathan sweeney midevil_squire at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 17 04:29:49 PDT 2001

yes, i am refering to Elfsea Defender. Thank you very much. And where is the
list to sign up?

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>Subject: Re: [Elfsea] I would like to enter the archery lists
>Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 21:47:01 EDT
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>      Are you refering to Elfsea Defender? If you are, to enter an archery
>tournament, you need pay nothing. You pay your gate fee to get into the
>event, and all tournaments are free. You only need show up with bow and
>arrows and put your name on the list. Someone may have arrows you can
>All competitions are free to enter. We look forward to seeing you compete
>showing us what you can do.
>Siobhan Ui Niall
>Elfsea Seneschal
>  midevil_squire at hotmail.com writes:
> > ok here is my question. Who do i need to talk to to ask him if could
> > the archery lists. I have a old bow but no arrows (can i use some). How
> > does it cost to enter the lists?
> >
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