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Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 17 09:44:47 PDT 2001

Well. I brew.  But because of all the stuff that has happened over this year, I
don't have jack to offer for this defender.

Some, to the health of my wife, it looks as if I'll pony up a case or more of
Guiness to go with the steaks.

As for party, I'm hoping to be crawling around looking for my boots by four in
the morning (and finding them three camps over).

;-)  Gustave alf Blitzgarten

Jane Sitton wrote:

> Lord willing and the crik don't rise, Logan, the kids, and I will be camping
> in the Celtic/Norse area with our Scandinavian tent, which Logan is working
> on this week to make it more than just serviceable.  Hopefully, it won't be
> so ugly, come Friday.  I am myself in need of a party.  I had a really
> tiresome class at work last Friday, and my brain is fried.  I could do with
> some R&R.
> Madelina
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> The Lab Tech.s name is Lenieve McNiel (AKA: Mara Vess) and she likes her
> steak
> bloody rare.
> And in fact, if this could all be held in the Celtic camp with a good size
> party, even more the better.
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