[Elfsea] Troll Update

Misty Hoehn mysticfalcon at onebox.com
Wed Sep 19 13:58:22 PDT 2001

I am posting this list again mainly for those who have already signed
up, please make sure that I have you done for the right times.  If not
email or call and let me know.  I do have more spaces to fill and new
tiem slots available for those of you that have yet to sign up. Thanks

Crandal-  Deputy for 11pm-6am shift
Philipe-    Deputy for 6am-1pm shift

Friday                         Saturday
4pm-6   OPEN, Siobhan          12am-2  Padraig, Madelina
6-8     OPEN, Siobhan          2-4     Simone, OPEN
8-10    Kerick, Aislyn         4-6     Simone, OPEN
10-12   Merean, Eleanor        6-8     OPEN, OPEN
                               8-10    OPEN, OPEN
                               10-12   Aurelia, Seamus
                                       OPEN, OPEN
                               12-2    Nula, OPEN
                                       OPEN, OPEN
Waiting List:
Sebastian, Lady and Lord MacMora

Thanks again for all the help, if there are any questions please feel
free to call or email me. My home #(817)281-4290, wk#(817)416-9770 x4362

In Service,
Lady Honour du Bois

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