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info thought you should see - arabella

> Your Excellency,
> Medb Liath here, one of the stewards..(Lady Arabella, please see below)
> Please feel free to put any handouts, entry forms, info sheets at the
> We are very limited in our expenditures right now and have had to shorten
> the site rules, schedule sheet and so will not be able to put the rules
> the event in a handout.
> The complete text is included on the website so anyone can print them out
> before if they like.
> Also, Lord Timothy of Glastinbury is the Herald in Charge for the event as
> far as site heraldry goes.  Please use his voice and his heralds to
> your events as you need.
> One last thing, I will be communicating to Lady Arabella, the baronial
> liasion, the need for some time closing court for you to present your
> ( If this is not the case, please let us know when you will be awarding
> prize. )
> You may want to make sure that every entrant knows that that is when the
> prize will be awarded, since we are anticipating an unusally large number
> day trippers.
> I look forward to seeing you at the event this weekend.
> In service,
> Medb Liath
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> Greetings,
> Viscountess Katherine here.  If anyone wishes additional information
> regarding the Compleate Medievalist Tournament, please call me at
> 972-907-2606.
> Autocrates for this tournament are Lord Caelin on Andrede, M'Lady Liadan
> Brega and myself. This stands to be a fun and unique competition which
> culminate with the winner receiving a chest of real money.
> Again, we need volunteers. As a volunteer, you will receive tournament
> points.
> I am looking forward to a great event as well as the Compleate Medievalist
> Tournament.
> Viscountess Katherine

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