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A&S events coming up... Kingdom A&S, Dragons Fire Tor Yule Revel
Artisan, & Baronial College & Elsea Artisan. Even if you are not
displaying stop by and visit with the artisans who are. There is a lot
to be learned by sharing our knowledge and skills with our fellow

A&S Night Workshops....To Do or not to do, that is the question I pose
to you.
I have made an effort to bring to you the populous, a variety of
different classes, to give you an intro, into new and different areas
the Arts & Sciences. These are classes that have been requested by
several different people per class.(Not just the same people). This next
month  will be a one year that we have been holding A&S Night.
Some classes have had good turn out and others have had no turn out,
such as the Leather class, & the Inkle class. Both of these workshops
were asked for by numerous people. The problem is these classes take
time to prepare and time out of the person who has offered to teach the
class's schedule. I know we are a busy Barony, and have hosted allot of
events this past few months, so I pose this question to you. Do you want
to continue having A&S night, which can give us an exposure to a wide
variety of the different Arts that we normally would not see or do? At
the time, we only have a few Guilds: Scribes & Illuminators, Clothiers,
Open Torch, & now we have the Music guild starting. Should we reduce the
number of classes we hold by planning just 1 A&S Workshop quarterly, or
should we not have them at all?   ........Let me know your opinion on
this. I will be asking for a vote on this at Moot.

The A&S Workshop planned for Oct. 15th, is Period dyes & Techniques.
This is a really interesting class. MS Stella has done allot of work in
this area and has a very nice presentation of different colored wool's
that have all been dyed using natural materials that would have been
used in period times.
She will provided the yarn that we will be dying in the workshop, along
with a booklet, and a packet of  mordents, for a small fee of $5.00.
This will be a fun  Hands on class!  PLEASE  CALL to reserve your
place.... we need to know how many to plan for. I plan on going on with
this workshop only if I get a response of 2 or more people in advance.
(by Mon October  8th). I will keep you posted

The LAST class that is planned for the year is, Nov. 19th... Yes this is
the Mon. before Thanksgiving, so this will be a simple hands on class on
Kumihimo, (Japanese Braiding techniques), for those wishing to attend.
This is FUN! I will have a few looms available for use. and for sale.

Now on another note... Elfsea Baronial College is coming up in Feb. and
I am in need of teachers for classes. Please contact me if there is a
class you would like to teach. Also if you would like to assist me with
scheduling and organizing the classes please give me a call or email.
tanwyn at flash.net

the A&S Workshops will be held at my house :
714 Greenleaf Dr, Arlington, TX 76017
Time 7:00ish

Your In Service,
HL Tanwyn Aneria

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