[Elfsea] Elfsea Defender Hosts Newcomers Events!

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 20 12:25:21 PDT 2001

Buenos Dias!!

Elfsea Defender starts tomorrow night!

Are you a newcomer wishing to learn more about our society? Are you an
"oldtimer" who wishes to share your wisdom about the Knowne Worlde?

Then come on by the Hospitaler Pavilion that will be located on the list
field! All will be welcome to come sit and enjoy the festivities! I will
have a table of goodies to be shared by all. Goody donations would be
greatly appreciated!

Among the activities during the day for our newcomers, there will be a
heraldic quest and at 2:00 a fashion show!

Since there will be no feast this year, I will be hosting a potluck dinner
under the pavillion. Bring your chairs and join us! As I write this missive,
I have a 15 pound brisket in the oven cooking slowly in it's own savory
juices. All I ask is that you bring you favorite side-dish or desert to
share. Your dishes need not be period.

Are you camping? I am also hosting the Newcomer's encampment. We would love
to have you!

I hope to see you all there! Please come by and say hola!

Lady Maria de Vasquez
Hospitaler for the Lord and Lady of Elfsea


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