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Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 21 12:39:34 PDT 2001

Hail, Heroes of Ansteorra's glorious Army!

As you know, we are making the changes needed to forge our mighty host of
doughty fighters into a fine-tuned engine of war.  Future wars will see us
as not only the outstanding individual fighters that our Kingdom produces,
but also a smoothly integrated, perfectly coordinated machine of destruction
as unstoppable as the tides.

One of those changes is to bring more structure to our army - to fight in
units, and units of units, and so forth - so that we fight with a single
mind, to a single purpose.  I strongly encourage all of those who are not
yet fighting with a unit, to seek a unit whose fighting philosophy matches
your own, or to find those who fight in the manner that you most enjoy, and
create a unit around that philosophy of fighting.

Create a banner for the unit, so that it can be instantly located on the
field, and so our foes can better understand their dire straits as those
banners sweep over their positions in proud display.

We have one brigade now - the Iron Star brigade.  Within it are the Fray,
the Arthurian Company, and Loch Ruadh - and now Sir Aaron has accepted the
invitation to bring his troops into Iron Star, as well.  However, you don't
have to join Iron Star brigade to fight as Ansteorran Heroes.  Form another
brigade, to fight alongside Iron Star.  Or fight as separate units, under
Central Regional command.  However you choose to do it, know that your
contribution to the might of Ansteorra is magnified by teamwork with the
other Heroes of your unit, following the plans and orders of our Army
Commander, Duke Kein.

Most importantly, know that while our prowess at arms knows no equals, we
cannot boast of teamwork unless we practice it.  Come to war practice and
find how best to fit your particular mode of fighting into the big picture
of Central Region's Ansteorran Army.  We need diversity of approach, so we
have flexibility of response.  The Central Region needs Heavy Infantry,
Light Infantry, Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry, Archery, Siege Machinery, and
Scouts.  We need well-trained officers and NCOs, who know the workings of
this awesome machine, so they can keep it functioning and destroying our
foes even as they nibble away at us.

So come!  As individuals and as units!  Bring your banners and your hearts
as well as your weapons and gear!  For the greater glory of our Stellar
Army!  Ansteorra!

Mordock von Rügen
Hlaford, Fray Ansteorra

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