[Elfsea] Report on Elfsea Defender

Marsh, Vicki MarsV at chisd.com
Mon Sep 24 10:21:27 PDT 2001

Xene here

At Sunday court, it was announced that Don Llywelyn won the The Complete
Medievalist Tournament.  He was awesome!!(But then, I'm a little
prejudiced.) Many thanks to Sir Terance, whose presence was sorely missed at
this event.  Also many thanks to Viscountess Katherine and Lord Caelin for
running the competition.

The Byzantine encampment was small, but lovely.  I really wanted to thank
Lady Theodora of Tempio for coming out, contributing to the Luncheon, and
working so very hard for me.  She is a lovely lady and if you have not had
the pleasure of her aquaintence, I commend her to you.  I know that the
Shire of Tempio is working very hard to get ready for Crown Tournament and
truly appreciate Theodora's taking a break in the preparations to camp with
us at Defender.

I really enjoyed being able to visit with Mistress Eowyn and so many of our
friends.  The site was lovely, although it was a bit humid, and I had a
great time!!

Thank you, all of you who worked so hard to put on this lovely event,

Mistress Xene

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