[Elfsea] ENTERPRISE Party!

Timothy Rayburn timothy_of_glastonbury at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 25 08:27:33 PDT 2001

The time is upon us!

Tommorrow is the premiere of the newest Star Trek series, ENTERPRISE.
For those who do not know, ENTERPRISE stars Scott Bakula (of Quantum
Leap fame) as the Captain of the first starship under the newly formed
Star Fleet.  It prequels the classic series with Captain Kirk, and
promises to be a marvelous experience (and probably a source of
un-ending Trek Inconsistancies).

That said, I am hosting a party at my house to watch the premiere of
the new series, which is a two hour event.  The show starts at 7PM, so
you are welcome to start arriving about 6PM.  My address is :

1102 Angel Fire Lane
Arlington, TX 76001

One and all are invited, and we have a cable feed and surround sound
system to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Timothy of Glastonbury

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