[Elfsea] where in Corpora is it?

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Wed Sep 26 10:59:08 PDT 2001

Greetings unto the list!

At Moot this past Monday, my lord husband, Laird Seamus Donnacadh Loganaich
an gabhain (aka Logan the Smith) brought up an issue concerning the Barony
purchasing a water tanker for use at events (to haul water from one location
to another, to spray down roads to keep dust to a minimum, etc.).

One noble gentle countered with the advise that SCA law prohibits us, as a
Barony, from purchasing motor vehicles.

As our home computer is still out of service, I have attempted to locate the
exact wording of the prohibition in Corpora & various related articles,
using my free time here at work.  So far, I have been unable to find
anything even slightly related to this topic, but alas, cannot spend a great
deal of time "surfing" for what I need.

Could someone with a better working knowledge of Corpora, the By-Laws, etc.,
please point me in the right direction as it relates to this topic?

Much obliged,
Madelina de Lyndesaye
mka Jane Sitton-Logan

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