[Elfsea] Elfsea Defender Thank yous

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 26 11:29:31 PDT 2001

Buenos Dias!

I wanted to take a few moments and say Muchas Gracias!!!!! to all those who
helped me with/under the Hospitaler Pavilion this weekend at Elfsea

There were many individuals who helped me put up the pavilion and move all
the heavy things under the pavilion. If you were one of those individuals,
please e-mail me privately, as I would like to reward you with a small token
of appreciation and so that I can let your Baron/Baroness know of the much
appreciated help you gave me. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't remember
names very well, only faces. I wanted to give you all a little something for
your help, but our car was already tightly packed with the basics and
ourselves, which did not leave any romm whatsoever for my largesse. :)

There is one lady whom I remember her name (and I better)...Lady Rowena. She
helped with the above mentioned tasks, but she also graciously watched my
son, Ryan, during the archery shoot while I attended to our newcomers.
Without her, Ryan would have missed the archery shoot and I would have had a
very upset little boy on my hands the rest of the day.

Also, thanks to HL Gabrielle for giving me all the wonderful ideas for
keeping our newcomers active during the day and encouraging the Steppes
newcomers to come to Elfsea Defender.

In Service,
Lady Maria
Hospitaler for the Lord and Lady of Elfsea


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