[Elfsea] where in Corpora is it?

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Wed Sep 26 16:40:08 PDT 2001

This is based on a fairly long discussion on the Exchequer list
about the subject. The SCA Treasurer and SCA Exchequer (if I
remember correctly) finally weighed in on the side of no
vehicles. They also said we could not rent vehicles for the
same reason - liability. Note that all subdivisions of the SCA
in the US are really one entity for legal issues so the liability
incurred by a Barony (for instance) is shared by the SCA, Inc and,
therefore, by all subdivisions.

They also recommend not owning real property, but I do not believe
they have banned it yet.


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> Greetings unto the list!
> At Moot this past Monday, my lord husband, Laird Seamus Donnacadh
> Loganaich
> an gabhain (aka Logan the Smith) brought up an issue concerning the Barony
> purchasing a water tanker for use at events (to haul water from
> one location
> to another, to spray down roads to keep dust to a minimum, etc.).
> One noble gentle countered with the advise that SCA law prohibits us, as a
> Barony, from purchasing motor vehicles.
> As our home computer is still out of service, I have attempted to
> locate the
> exact wording of the prohibition in Corpora & various related articles,
> using my free time here at work.  So far, I have been unable to find
> anything even slightly related to this topic, but alas, cannot
> spend a great
> deal of time "surfing" for what I need.
> Could someone with a better working knowledge of Corpora, the
> By-Laws, etc.,
> please point me in the right direction as it relates to this topic?
> Much obliged,
> Madelina de Lyndesaye
> mka Jane Sitton-Logan
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