[Elfsea] Water-truck/trailer WAS -- RE: where in Corpora is it?

Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 27 07:12:07 PDT 2001

I hauled water and ice all Saturday for the water bearers; and yes, it is

Another way to haul water is to make a couple of bladders that fill the back of
a pick-up out of 6-10 mil. plastic sheeting.  If anyone cares to give that a


Jane Sitton wrote:

> So an individual rents a truck (as in last weekend, I believe), and is
> reimbursed by the Barony.  More than one way of skinning a cat.  I believe
> Logan's chief interest, actually, lay in seeing what is available for
> donation to a 501c from "de-milled" government stuff.
> Now I realize hauling water from the "well" (spigot) is probably one of the
> most period things we could do, but who of you wants to spend the weekend
> lugging water, which is very heavy?
> Madelina

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