[Elfsea] Water-truck/trailer . . . How about Land?

Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 27 07:46:12 PDT 2001

There was two reasons why I even brought up the subject of Land.  It wasn't to
start a fire or to insult anyone, but to get people to think . . . . . To think
of common goals, of The Dream, of the future of where we would like to be . . .
. . of just how hard this Barony and all the Cantons have worked over the last
couple of years.

By looking at the big picture of getting land, I was hoping that others would
see that the problem of hauling water is not that big a deal.  But conversely, I
was also trying to give others the hint that anything is possible.

And is that not a part of the Dream?  To re-create the past for a better future?


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