[Elfsea] I have a Dream.

Marsh, Vicki MarsV at chisd.com
Thu Sep 27 09:00:23 PDT 2001

Dear Gustave,

It is indeed a wonderful dream, the thought of having a permanent site that
we would all be able to schedule and use, build buildings, pave roads, put
in electricity and water, etc.....I, too, dug privys and cleared land when I
was in Bryn Gwlad.  I, too, was disappointed when we lost those sites. In 23
years, I have done a lot of looking into the buying of land for sites.

We have had individuals in other groups who have worked and saved money and
bought land.  Several of us in Elfsea have talked in the past about forming
partnerships/consortiums, pooling our money, and finding a nice plot of
land.  Almost anything we could find, that we could afford on a cash basis
was much further out than Tanglewood and more primitive.  Anything closer
would require bank financing - you can imagine that joy in that propostion.
Financing for the Barony would be nigh on to impossible.

I think Elfsea has done well in being able to purchase a large, beautiful
pavilion - one of my dreams - as well as all the tables.  We have archery
butts, and a variety of loaner armor.  We have lovely new Baronial Coronets
and collars.  We have enough money to put on a couple of good events a year.
We also have enough money in the bank to keep us going if we have a disaster
of an event or two.  It *can* happen.

Eventually, we will need to replace everything that we have bought or had
made. Entropy always wins and nothing lasts forever.

However, we come to the problem of upkeep and care.  We are very fortunate
to have Caelin and his storage shed, which we rent at a very small rate.
Before him we had Stella and Mara.  There is no guarantee that we will
always have a generous person available to provide storage.  Stuff happens
to everyone.

I have a Dream - and that is when an event is over, many people will show up
for the *unloading* of all the Baronial possesions from the truck. Many new
banners and regalia will be made for the Barony.  Many donations will appear
for the prize baskets.  People will fight honorably, work hard, treat each
other with respect, and not argue about the smallest detail.  Malicious
gossip and jealousy will never be seen or heard.

Yes, these are Dreams, and they are my Dreams.  But they are also attainable
goals that we can all strive for.

Our Barony missed many people this weekend who were unable to attend - due
to health issues and inability to get around the site very well.  We are
also dealing with an incredible disaster to our Nation and a tightening of
the economy - a correction according to some.

I, for one, had a great time, and enjoyed the site.

In Service,

Baroness Xene Theriane, OL, OP

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