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That is what it is a person in Meridias. And I complained.  Times that by 4
and see what it cost.

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I think that gate count was low was not just because of the distance and
primitiveness of the site, but also because of the economy and the price of

There were many folks there this weekend who lost their jobs this week
because of the horrid events that unfolded this last week. Did anyone know
that we are losing Gunthar to An Tir? :(

I'm not complaining about gate price. I understand why it was so high, but I
did overhear others talk about how expensive gate was. Phellppe and I would
probably not have come, if we had not made the committment to be there. $30
is alot of money for us right now and it cut into what budget we do have
greatly. This too may have had a bearing on the families like Phelippe and
myself who have only 1 income right now and that income is not much to begin

I really love this site and can see what a great benefit it will be to us
when all the improvements are done. I enjoy seeing the stars at night and
not those awful street lights like we see at Canton. Think about it... in a
few years when there are more running water spickets and showers, we can
look back at the time when it was still extrememly primitive....much like
many of you do now when you speak of the old places like Burleson and
Weatherford. :)

Hospitaler for the Lord and Lady of Elfsea


>I must agree. This site needs improvements like showers
>and more available water, but it beats a site like
>Canton all hollow. The wonder of the night stars, the
>beautiful campsites, and the quiet are all worth the
>longer trip.
>I know that some people felt the combination of distance and
>primitive site kept the gate count a bit lower than it would
>have been at Canton. This is probably true and we need to have
>at least some events at sites which will accommodate these
>people also. But a more primitive site is much closer to the
>dream we are trying to recreate. And there are hotels close
>to the site for those who truly cannot camp.
>Defender went very well and the problems had little to do
>with the site or its primitiveness. Lets work with the
>owner to get the changes we most want done. He is channeling
>virtually all income from our events into improvements we
>In service,

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