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Marsh, Vicki MarsV at chisd.com
Thu Sep 27 12:08:13 PDT 2001

Cool!!  I'll be home this evening.  The season premier of ER is supposed to
be tonight, I think...

Last night, after I got home, Llywelyn called me during the commercials. I'd
like to view "Enterprise" again this weekend with him, if I can borrow it
through Saturday.


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I taped it, and can drop it by this evening if you'd like.  Personally
I thought that it was wonderful, and the most realistic feeling Trek
series yet.  Captain Archer seems very down to earth, and realistic

I'm with Galen though, I'm waiting to find out if Trip (the Engineer)
studied Warp Mechanics at A&M. ;)


--- "Marsh, Vicki" <MarsV at chisd.com> wrote:
> So...I missed the first fifteen minutes of Enterprise last night.
> Did
> anyone tape it?  Can I borrow the tape?
> So, what did you all think about it? I got to hear the second ten
> minutes
> while driving, and the dialogue seemed rather stilted.
> Xene
> Vicki Marsh
> Computer Lab
> Bray Elementary
> Cedar Hill, TX

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