[Elfsea] Off-Topic

Darius and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 27 12:27:50 PDT 2001

I don't know with that drawl he could have run in to town in Stillwater
OK and been an OK state Cowboy. They are pretty proud of their engeniers
there to.

yah we all had the glitch I think

> Considering his accent and "good ol' boy" nature, I'd say he was a
> YellowJacket!
> For some reason, I though Q'uronos was farther away than the distance they
> mentioned in the show -- otherwise you'd thought they'd been seen before.  I
> thought the ship design was extremely logical and allows for a very visible
> evolution from NX-01 to NCC-1701 (and variants)!
> Ceatta
> BTW -- did anyone else have a transmission glitch while they were on the
> planet Rigel 10?

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