[Elfsea] tiki torches/portable holes

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What shape are the portable holes in?  Are they the welded kind, or the kind
Logan makes from one stick of stock?  (Does the Barony have any Logan made?)

I suggest we do something Loch Ruadh did once:  have a Christmas/or insert
favorite holiday here party where individuals bring gifts to the Barony in
lieu of gifts for each other.

Of course, getting Logan to part with iron without purchasing it is
difficult... but perhaps do-able, given the right sort of incentive.


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We still have them...they are at the shed in a garbage can. We haven't used
them yet because they are in awful (and potentially dangerous) condition. At
the last shed cleaning party I organized, we all decided that it was just
too hot to work on them and that we needed to wait until the weather turns
nice again.

I was thinking though that we could buy some nicer newer looking ones.
Summer is over and Garden Ridge is putting things on sale right now. This
summer they had some of the bamboo tiki torches that are just tall enough to
light a walkway (I think they are about 3-4 feet tall??). This summer their
regular price was $1.99. Which means that if they are on clearance we could
get them for $1.00.each!

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