[Elfsea] lighting at events

Estella Flather eflather at flash.net
Thu Sep 27 14:52:09 PDT 2001

Greetings from Mistress Stella-
The torches we have previously used for events are metal cans with screw
lids and fiberglass wicks. These are filled and placed in holders which are
wooden stakes with metal cans attached. While these served us well in the
past, I don't think they would be safe spread through the woods of
Tanglewood forest, where they would not be supervised closely. However,
they would work fine as lighting for court if longer poles were made.
	The idea of glow sticks for pathway lighting is a good one, although I
still think people will have to get used to the idea of providing their own
light source when walking the site so they can see where they are going.
	In service, HE Stella

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