[Elfsea] lighting options

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Fri Sep 28 06:40:52 PDT 2001

I was thinking more along the lines of buying a whole box of them (a gross,
perhaps?)... wonder what price the Oriental Trader magazine lists them for.
If I have time later today, I'll check their catalogue on-line.


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When I pick them up, a couple or three at a time for my own use, I can find
them for about a buck.  Cheaper Than Dirt routinely has them for about that,
sometimes less.


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Subject: [Elfsea] lighting options

>Okay, Alaric... you wanna price these?
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>From: Shaw, Donnel [mailto:ShawD at chisd.com]
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>NOW that I like. This is the best yet. Light no mess no clean up.
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>From: Glen Wilkerson [mailto:gdwilkerson at earthlink.net]
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>Subject: Re: [Elfsea] Low Attendance WAS --> RE: Water-truck/trailer
>In those woods, in what are still potintially fire-hazard conditions, would
>it be possible to replace burning torches with cyalume lightsticks?  They
>give light from eight to ten hours and if bought by the case should be
>relatively inexpensive, and hanging in glass holders would still give that
>ambiance that everyone likes.

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