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There is a possible camp site in Jacksboro - Ft. Richardson State Park.  They
have 41 camp sites w/water/elec, 11 shelters, an open primitive camping area
and a group pavillion.  Bathrooms and shower facility and swimming at the
resevoir.  They do not have a manned gate as such - you drive in and later
pay at the park office.  Its off seasons are winter and summer.

Drawbacks - there is lots of cactus in some areas, no cactus in many others.
It is a state park with all that entails (however it is a very relaxed park).
 It's not huge, but probably as big or bigger than Tanglewood.  Only one
shower facility, but two bathroom facilities but a swimming beach is easily
accessable.  Questionable about dry site - they have a large chili cookoff
each year so? maybe not a problem.  Archery and fighting - must be discussed
with the park manager but not a "no" up front when talking with them.

Favorable points - Its very close, 35 to 45 minutes from Ft. Worth.  Its
within the city BUT extremely secluded.  Motels across and next to the area
as well as eating places and a Walmart.  Lots of shade lots of trees, lots of
open places.  Screen shelters available.  Group pavilion available.  They
themselves sponsor a historical re-enactment group and are used to have a
large group (chili cookoff) in the park.

The time we visited it - Fourth of July and the park was empty - literally
only two or three campsites being used.  Deer, turkey and rabbit everywhere
in the camp areas.

The web site is:
The park manager is:  Danny Peterson
The phone number is:  940-567-3506

I'm not saying its the perfect site, but it is a possibility.  When I talked
to them, they were open to the possibility.   I do not have the experience of
looking for a site and cannot talk "brass tacks" and I do not have the
authority to make assumptions on our needs - but this is a lovely area and
well worth going to with or without an event.

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