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Fri Sep 28 15:17:59 PDT 2001

Dear Nigel (and those others who may be wondering),

Donnel was right, we need to keep from putting all our eggs in one basket.
Sometimes a site might be fine for one event, but not for another.  We may
need a large site for our Springfaire & Defender events, but we don't need a
large site for our Baronial Pas d'Armes.  We would need a large hall for
Coronation, or another Kingdom level event, but something smaller for a Yule
Revel or Fool's Court.  Or sometimes we would need to have lots of
classrooms for Baronial College or an Arts & Sciences Symposium, sometimes
we would need just a room in someone's house.

There are all sorts of reasons to find different locations; sometimes our
needs change, or the site changes so that it cannot meet our needs.  We must
be prepared for that.

Also, we like to try to accomodate everyone.  Tanglewood _is_ hard for some
people, and it was very far to travel for a _local_ event.  Most groups
don't travel more than an hour to get to their own event.  That is simply a
practical idea.  We do so much work at the event - it's not much fun to do
it when you have been driving for two hours.  And also we have a lot to do
for the Barony after the event (unpacking and arranging things back in the
shed).  It would be nice if we didn't have to drive 2 hours, unpack the
Baronial stuff and then go home and unpack our stuff while getting ready for
Monday morning. (whew - I got tired just writing all that):)

So I encourage anyone who knows of a nice site within an hour of travel -
let us know!

Alessandra Desiderio
Baroness of Elfsea

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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>I like it too - I was just throwing out another possible site.
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