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Fri Sep 28 16:14:57 PDT 2001

Greetings to all the good gentles of Elfsea from Lady Afan ferch
Elystan and Lady Medb Liath.

We both want to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who
helped out with Elfsea Defender.

We believe that we achieved many of the goals we set for ourselves
as a barony with this event:  we had three lists, each well
contested; we had cold water, oranges and pickles for everyone,
even the next morning for melees and for the break down crews; we
had lots of awards and recognition for the people who have worked
so hard for so long; and we did this all in time to have a bit of
revelry afterwards.

A special thank you goes to all our coordinators. We delegated a
tremendous responsibility on each of you, and couldn't have done it
without your help. Our coordinators did great jobs and made it
possible for the two of us to handle the little bumps in the road as
they came up during the event itself.

One more very heartfelt thank you to our friends in Loch Ruadh. If
you haven't heard how they took care of us, and our loved ones, at
Defender, we haven't done our job. Their efforts will be the new
standard by which autocrat care givers are now judged. For every
little hitch we came across, Loch Ruadh was there with a special
surprise that somehow melted away our troubles, and had us
feeling it was all worth it. We can not say enough about these fine

Arts and Sciences also flourished at this event.  This year, we saw
the return of Culture Camps.  We had three outstanding camps and
the judges were hardpressed to choose between the three.  We
have already heard of plans being made for next year's camps
before this year's were all packed up.  We hopefully began a new
tradition of list field pavilions displaying heraldic art.  Although the
entries were a bit sparse, the pavilion which won was truly
magnificent.  Heraldic art graced the tables for all on the list field to

Our congratulations go out to next year's Stewards, HL Raimond
and Lord Caelin.

Once again, thanks so much for all of your help and support.


Yours In Service,
Lady Medb Liath and
Lady Afan ferch Elystan

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