[Elfsea] possible camping site

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Fri Sep 28 19:53:42 PDT 2001

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In a message dated 9/28/2001 8:06:10 PM Central Daylight Time,
housedragonstar at prodigy.net writes:
> Hold on...I am 45 minutes from downtown Fort Worth, and Jacksboro is another
> 30 minutes from me, easy...the sign says 45 miles.  So, we are really
> talking about a site that is an hour and a half from downtown Fort Worth at
> a minimum.

You're right - it was about 45 min from 820 and Jacksboro Hwy give or take.
Even further from Arlington, since its on the west side of the barony.
Canton is nearly a 200 mile round trip for me, though.  I'm sure its even
further for you, being in Springtown.  Jacksboro is only a thought - I don't
want to run it into the ground or make a crusade, I was just offering


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