[Elfsea] possible camping site

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Fri Sep 28 23:01:50 PDT 2001

> I'm sure I agree with Innes about Tanglewood's drawbacks, starting with
> the distance from home.  Tanglewood is about the same distance from
> us as is the Canton First Mondays site, but that's farther than I like.
> Nigel asked what's wrong with Tanglewood.
> I like the woods, and the fact that it's removed from too much
> civilization;
> but I don't like the fact that it would be hard for emergency
> services to get
> there quickly.

We had a 911 call at Springfaire. Even with getting lost once (hopefully
that would not be repeated) it only took about 15 minutes. Once they
get used to us, I would expect response time of 10-12 minutes.

> I love the stars at night without lights all around, but that
> road is a bit
> rough to walk along in the dark.  It's hard enough on the feet in
> daylight.

We are looking at various path lighting options.

> I love all the trees, but I'd love it more with about 10-15%
> fewer trees, so
> as to allow more comfortable camping.

OK, I disagree here. I *hate* to cut down trees and will
endure some pain to keep from doing it.

> Water spigots on site would be a Good Thing, as would more accessible
> electricity for those who need it, a feast hall in case of rain,
> classrooms in
> which to hold classes, and of course, showers.

Priorities are (I believe) water, showers, electricity. I'm not sure
a feast hall or classrooms are on the list, but they could be.

> It's a good site, I like it better than Canton, and I'm glad
> Timothy found it.
> But it's not perfect, and I haven't given up on finding better.
> Besides, as
> Donnell pointed out, it's good to have choices.

And I certainly agree. One as nice, but closer would be very welcome.
We also need to have sites with different attributes. Many would
choose the (intrusive to me) civilization of Canton and we should
have some of our activities at such a site.

> - Galen


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