[Elfsea] when it rains it pours then it gets worse

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Wed Oct 2 16:03:35 PDT 2002

You know .. it never seems to stop!

There's nothing anybody can do.........I am the most out of control I've
ever been in my life.

Yesterday we noticed a leak in our water heater again and making the carpet
in the corner of my sewing room wet.  As we were taking things off shelves
and packing stuff in boxes again... we found mold behind a bookshelf, on the
bookshelf, on top of the carpet which means it's also under the carpet.

You know it's to much of a coiwi-ki-dink that I'm having brain surgery

I wish I knew what GOD it trying to tell me.

Devastatingly depressed Arabella

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