[Elfsea] when it rains it pours

Lisa Duke arabella at elfsea.net
Fri Oct 4 08:26:19 PDT 2002

It was from the drain valve from the water heater.  It's being repaired
today, the molded things have already been removed, my insurance company has
already been here and a claims adjuster has called and I have an appointment
with him next week.  It's still a long process though.

If I look at it in a positive way, I'll have something to do until my brain


Is it coming from the pipes, or is it from the air conditioner? In my house
I have to periodically unplug the drain that takes care of condensation from
the airconditioner to keep the pan from overflowing. This is easy to fix. If
its from the pipes you've got a major problem. Sorry!

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