[Elfsea] Thanks for Defender from an Autocrat

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Sat Oct 5 17:39:25 PDT 2002

Greetings Elfsea!

I would apologize for the delay in posting this missive. I left the shed unloading to go directly to Austin for a conference where I was giving two talks and participating in a panel. When I started back, I blew an oil hose which destroyed my Miata's engine :-(. I spent the next couple of days talking to a large percentage of the US population to find the best deals on labor, engines, and ancillary parts. I got it down from $3,900 to $2,600, but it will still take another 10 days to get my precious car back. I feel I should be limping until it is fixed :-)

But I'm back and I very much need to thank the many people who worked with Raimond and me to make this a success. Many of them, in turn, had help. If I miss someone, please correct me. I will be less embarrassed than I would be not thanking them.

First, I would like to thank Raimond, the co-autocrat. When mundanity took over from time to time, he took on more than his share of the work. Our skills overlap quite a lot, but each has his own strengths also.

Next, the coordinators. These people took on some difficult tasks and ran with them. We could depend on them to get the job done without oversight. This is an autocrat's dream and these great men and women made it come true. Ldy Aislyn organized and ran the gate. She filled in several shifts when there were not enough volunteers. She worked with Ldy Rebecca to handle the end of shift accounting even for the early morning shifts. Which brings me to Rebecca. She was not a coordinator, but as Exchequer, she handled end of shift accounting, deposits, and represented the Barony in an Audit.

Ld Kerrick was busy in several roles. He designed, molded, and cast all the wonder site tokens. He and Aislyn strung many of them and the gate staff did most of the rest. He was also the Archery Marshal in Charge and helped Aislyn fill in at gate.

Lady Rixende de Rouen was in charge of the A&S work, but the display area was managed by HL Julianna. Thanks to you both. Ldy Donnel handled the youth boffer competitions and coordinated the prizes for that. She was also responsible, with Ldy KerMegan (Pyro), for the Crown luncheon. They did a wonderful job and all of us who munched on the remains know how good it was!

Ld Tomas was in charge of all the heraldry for the event: site heraldry (calling the camp), field heraldry (announcing the tournament bouts), court heraldry, and the heraldic display competition. He managed to fit all that in between participating in the Chivalric tournament and the Pas put on by the wedding. Good job (but make sure those court reports get in)!

The Chivalric list was set up by Seamus, but he could not manage that and his own wedding, so our previous Defender, Jarl Timo, took over to be Marshal in Charge of the Chivalric tournament. We had up to 8 fields running at once, so he had his hands full. His lady Countess Allyson was kind enough to run the complicated list. She was ably assisted by Ldy Miriam. Thanks to you all!

The Rapier list was run by Master Darius who was Marshal in Charge. Despite running in the heat of the day, this list was most enjoyable. HL Rosalia was list mistress and did a fine job. Thanks!

HL Crandal worked long and hard as the Chirurgeon in Charge with assistance from several Journeymen Chirurgeons and two Apprentice Chirurgeons. Ldy Maria was the coordinator for Waterbearers and arranged for all the resources, but due to mundanity, she asked Ldy Liadan from Steppes (a Chirurgeon) to be Waterbearer in Charge for the event. Liadan did a wonderful job despite Stepping (sic) in fairly late in the process. And finally, Ldy Innes once again ran the Merchant area quite well. Thanks to you all!

We had two culture camps in this last year of Elfsea Culture Camps: a Scottish camp led by Ld Artair and a Viking/Irish camp led by Ld Polydore. Both were wonderful! Artair provided vast amounts of food for every mealtime of the event and extended his hospitality to the autocrats. Thanks to both groups!

Though it was not an official SCA thing, the wedding of Seamus and Geniveve complete with a formal Pas de Arms was certainly a highlight. Thanks to the wedding couple, Timothy and Anezka, Tomas and Rixende, and Wilim and Rebekka for their major efforts to pull it off.

I know this has been long-winded, but many, many people helped to make Elfsea Defender a great success. I have only touched the tip here. I really must add a few more. Ldy KerMegan (Pyro) was the autocrats' keeper. She kept us fed and watered and tried to make sure we stayed somewhat sane. And Wilim. He jumped in with both feet to manage the setup and teardown. But he did not stop there. Anywhere we needed people he was the first there and the last to leave. He was up early and down late. Many, many thanks.

In service,
HL Caelin on Andrede
co-autocrat of Elfsea Defender

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