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>But I'm back and I very much need to thank the many people who worked
with >Raimond and me to make this a success. Many of them, in turn, had
help. If >I miss someone, please correct me. I will be less embarrassed
than I would >be not thanking them.
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>Ld Tomas was in charge of all the heraldry for the event: site heraldry
>(calling the camp), field heraldry (announcing the tournament bouts),
court >heraldry, and the heraldic display competition. He managed to fit
all that >in between participating in the Chivalric tournament and the
Pas put on by >the wedding. Good job (but make sure those court reports
get in)!

Please allow me to pass this word fame on.  I would NOT have been able
to do anything well if it had not been for the volunteers who offered to
do so much.  I would especially like to thank Ld. Wilim who jumped in
and managed the list heraldry for me, ensuring that the new heralds (and
there were more than a few) could get close to pronouncing combatants
names.  He even sent the volunteer for site heraldry around to make
periodic announcements throughout the day. Wilim made my day much easier
and therefore relaxing and fun.  Thank you again for all your hard work.

Ld. Tomás Niállagáin
Nautilus pursuivant

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